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Evolution Monopoly Live Game Details

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Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live is a live casino table based on their previous Dream Catcher title. This time, players are taken to the world of Monopoly, adding a variety of bonuses to keep things interesting. The game is streamed from Evolution Gaming’s studio. As such, the video quality is incredible, delivering smooth and crisp HD gameplay directly to your PC or mobile device.

The RTP for this release is 96.23% assuming optimal conditions. Monopoly Live is played on a lucky wheel with 54 positions you can bet on. You may only participate in the special features this game offers if you bet on the bonus 2 and 4 rolls sections of the wheel. It has you traversing a virtual Monopoly board, buying up properties and drawing cards. For immersion’s sake, it’s one of the best bonuses ever.

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When the round starts, you’re give some time to place your bets. This is done by selecting your coin value and placing them in the six tiles on the board. Here, you’re wagering what number you think will be drawn on the lucky wheel. The larger the number, the less present it is on the board.

After setting your wagers, the wheel is spun. It has a chance of landing on one of the 48 numbers, or the extra bonus sections. If the arrow lands on a number, the round ends. Players who correctly guessed it earn a cash prize. If it lands on the Chance segment, everyone playing that round will receive a mystery reward!

The last remaining four segments are three 2 rolls and one 4 roll. You only get their prize if you previously bet on them. They’re the biggest money maker in the entire game, so it’s definitely worth checking out.


When the wheel draws a Chance segment, all players receive either a cash prize or a random multiplier. The cash prize is always random. If you draw the multiplier, it will be used for the next wheel spin. It is possible to draw several Chances and get multipliers from them. If that happens, the multipliers will multiply each other and further boost the eventual cash prize.

The Monopoly Board bonus will be played for two or four rounds. How many is determined by whether it was the 2 rolls or 4 rolls tile that activated the special feature. The roll here refers to a dice roll, which are rolled in the studio by the presenter. The number on the dice will move Mr Monopoly across the board. If you roll a double number, you get an additional bonus round.

As you move around the Monopoly Board, you can land on various properties, utilities, and other tiles you’d see in a standard Monopoly board game. This bonus is what sells Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live to us. It’s full of these little rules that seem daunting at first, but expand your enjoyment once you master them. Like how passing Go doubles your existing prize money. You will also need to roll a double to escape jail if you land on that tile.


The payouts of individual numbers match up with their value. A two will have a 2:1 payout, a five will pay 5:1, and so on. Predicting the payouts with bonuses is a lot more difficult, due to the frequency at which multipliers activate. Still, the winning potential is amazing enough that Evolution Gaming had to limit the maximum payout at $500,000.

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